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Directories & Search Engines

Alta Vista (Internet search engine)
All the Web (Internet search engine)
Google (Internet search engine)
Google Maps
InfoSpace (phone, address, e-mail directory)
Switchboard (phone directory)
Yahoo (Internet search engine)
Yahoo Maps

General News & Info

Bartleby: reference books, encyclopedias
CNET (main)
Digital clock
ExtremeTech (computer technology)
Gizmodo (The Gadgets Weblog)
Gold coins & bullion prices (Blanchard)
Internet Traffic Report
Library Spot: reference books, encyclopedias, and more!
News in History (old newspapers)
PC Guide (PC encyclopedia by Charles M. Kozierok)
San Francisco Chronicle: SF Gate
San Jose Mercury News
StratFor Global Intelligence (news analysis)
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Consumer Price Index
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Producer Price Index
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: patent database
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: trademark database
U.S. Patent Office Official Gazette Notices
U.K. Patent & Trademark Office
U.K. and international patent databases
Urban Legends debunked (
ZIP code finder (U.S. Postal Service)

Microprocessor Links

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) home page
AMD processor pricing
ARM home page
ARM tech docs (manuals, data sheets)
Dr. Dobb's Microprocessor Resources
EDN (magazine home page)
Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola)
IEEE-754 floating-point standard
Intel home page
Intel embedded processors & chipsets
Intel Microprocessor Quick Reference Guide
Microprocessor Report
The Register (industry newsletter)
Sandpile (x86 technical information)
Texas Instruments 'C6x DSPs
Tom's Hardware
VIA (x86 processors and system chipsets)

Computer History & Genealogy (formerly Genealogy home page)
Club 100 (Tandy Model 100)
Commodore Computer history
Commodore magazines archive (PDFs)
COMPUTE! Mag archive (unofficial, incomplete)
COMPUTE!'s Gazette magazine archive (PDFs)
Computer History Museum - catalog search
Computer History Museum - Virtual Visible Storage
Digital Game Museum
Family Search Genealogy Service (Mormons)
History of Computer Storage
National Archives & Records Administration (genealogy)
U.S. GenWeb Project (genealogy records)
Vintage Computers (and magazines)

Photography Links

American Suburb X
Black-and-WTF (strange b&w photos)
Black-and-White World
C.R.I.S. Camera Services (MR-9 adapter)
Dante Stella photography
Digital Photography Review ( (street photography)
Norman Koren's scanner site
The Online Photographer (Mike Johnston)
Pedro Meyer's Zone Zero (discussion groups)
Photogenetic (digital photography)
Photographers' Formulary (photochemistry)
Photographers' Rights (Bert P. Krages II)
Seven Seven Nine (street photography)
Shorpy (vintage photographs)
Thomas Hawk's photography blog
The Unblinking Eye

Miscellaneous Links

Amps, Volts, Watts, Ohms (electrical conversions) (language translator)
Currency Converter
Internet Movie Database
M.I.T. Open CourseWare Project
Movie Physics
Online college courses (free)
Oscar (Academy Awards) home page
Powers of Ten: View of the Universe
ScriptFly (film scripts & info)
The Smoking Gun
Ultimate Guitar (tablature)
Wholenote Guitar Community (tablature)
Windows Script Host Developer's Guide